Ing stews v tr to cook food by simmering or boiling slowly v intr 1 to undergo cooking by boiling slowly or simmering 2 informal to suffer with oppressive heat or stuffy confinement swelter 3 informal to be in a state of anxiety or agitation see synonyms at boil1 n 1 a a dish cooked by stewing.

Khoresh bademjan also called khoresht e bademjan or bademjoon persian eggplant stew with beef is a classic persian recipe loved by all the eggplant fans like my husband who would gladly have it for dinner once a week without complaining about the repetition few days ago i had a request from another eggplant fan a dear reader for this khoresh and as luck would have it i had hellip.

Spicy beef vegetable stew this zesty ground beef and vegetable soup is flavorful and fast to fix it makes a complete meal when served with warm cornbread sourdough bread or french bread if you enjoy a supper with a side mdash lynnette davis tullahoma tennessee.

Eden confidential prince charles beef society is in a stew as chiefs lock horns by richard eden for the daily mail published 18 10 est 10 november 2021 hellip.

Transfer the beef to a plate and set aside to make the rest of the salad to serve pile up the vegetables in a mound roughly chop the basil and mint and scatter over the vegetables.

Spinach beef spaghetti pie with its angel hair pasta crust this cheesy ground beef tomato and spinach pie is always a hit when i serve it each neat slice has layers of pasta cream cheese filling and spinach topping mdash carol hicks pensacola florida.

Beef poultry gravies food left for long periods in steam tables or at room temperature and time and or temperature abused foods incubation period 6 to 24 hours such as roasts or big pots of chili or stew into shallow containers and refrigerate hellip.