A bread machine comes in handy for a full house making lunches quick snacks or even dinner sometimes requires a couple slices of bread but there is only so much bread in a loaf which means buying a lot of bread use low carb bread recipes for the bread machine so that you can stay stocked up on the bread you need to stay fit.

Keto banana bread doesn rsquo t rise very well so fresh baking powder is especially important to help it rise as much as possible use xanthan gum add 1 2 teaspoon into the dry ingredients and your banana bread made with almond flour will have a better texture plus it will be less crumbly use room temperature ingredients.

This vegan keto bread loaf is an almond flour bread without eggs it tastes like real artisan bread soft chewy with a crunchy crust plus this keto vegan bread recipe has no eggs and contains only 3 grams of net carbs per slice perfect to make delicious vegan paleo sandwiches.

If you want to make this bread with almond flour instead of sesame flour you can use about 2 cups 200 g 7 1 oz of regular almond flour ground blanched almonds not defated almond flour ive tested this option as you can see on the image below almond flour can be substituted with the same amount of ground sunflower seeds.