Plus if you buy a machine with a timer the bread can be ready and waiting for you in the morning breadmakers with custom or knead only functions mean that if you rsquo ve already got a bank of much loved recipes or you like the sound of some of our loaves such as focaccia fig and serrano ham picnic bread or cheese and pesto swirls these.

Baked bread to know if your bread is baked fully use a food thermometer just like a meat thermometer a fully baked bread will be about 190 degrees fahrenheit the top of the bread should be a light golden brown color storing bread store bread in a cool dried place and in a plastic bag that is sealed to help it last longer and stay fresh.

How to make cloud bread 3 egg whites 30 grams white sugar approximately 2 1 2 tablespoons 10 grams corn starch approximately 1 tablespoon whisk together egg whites in a bowl until frothy then add sugar and corn starch and whisk until mixture forms peaks.