Greek briam takes roasted vegetables to a whole new level of delicious you need just a few simple pantry ingredients potatoes zucchini red onions and tomatoes but the greek flavors from spices fresh garlic parsley and a generous drizzle of hellip.

Briam or briami is the greek version of ratatouille crispy and fluffy potatoes sweet flavourful aubergines and juicy zucchinis garnished with fresh herbs to form an amazing full of mediterranean flavours hearty vegetarian dish the vegetables are coated with olive oil flavoured with sweet onions and garlic and then baked to perfection.

Briam is an all vegetable dish perfect for vegetarians that consists of zucchini eggplant and potato mixed with tomato sauce and garnished with oregano the vegetables are flavored with garlic and onions coated with olive oil and then baked to create a tasty mediterranean flavored dish.