Ford debuted a special car for the occasion and soon after made a nearly exact replica of that indy pace car available to the public at a base price of 9 012 a longtime favorite among drivers.

The interiors of the id buzz are like a spacious lounge with a clean design similar to the id 4 the uncluttered dashboard houses a floating infotainment touchscreen in the center with a climate control panel a gaming control pad like a steering wheel with touch buttons and a digital instrument cluster.

More than 50 rdquo mr foreman rsquo s impressive collection includes many chevrolets in particular many corvettes and also includes a 1950s gmc pickup a ferrari 360 a lamborghini diablo and a ford gt despite owning these exotic and enviable cars however george rsquo s favorite among them is his modest 1977 vw beetle.

A rear engined 1983 mk1 ford fiesta mot rsquo d and road legal with 526 8 bhp and weighing 820kg it is a real one off car built to a very high standard a reliable and strong car in show condition the specification includes st170 engine fully forged wossener pistons pec rods king bearings gt 30 76 gen 2 garret turbo kent valve springs new valves.

Click above the 351c was manufactured in the us for 5 years in a period of time in which society supported by us auto manufacturers yet opposed by the petroleum industry was seeking to remove lead from gasoline during the last 3 of those years the 4v version of the 351c was equipped with open chamber heads these were the q code engines the engines we call hellip.