A biiiig ol rsquo pot of steaming hot new orleans style gumbo right here talk about this being the highlight of the week a big pot of gumbo with shrimp sausage and if you rsquo re feeling extra generous some chicken i love making these kinds of meals on a sunday it rsquo s hearty and cozy and the leftovers are enjoyed for a quick lunch all week long.

New orleans is known for its unique local cuisine that combines creole and cajun influences at this cooking demonstration class learn the secrets to preparing traditional louisiana dishes like gumbo jambalaya and pecan pie in a 19th century molasses warehouse.

With culinary influences that include african caribbean french spanish and italian plus regional cajun and creole cuisine the best restaurants in new orleans serve up food you won rsquo t find.

The main difference is that creole jambalaya also called ldquo red jambalaya rdquo uses tomatoes while cajun jambalaya does not another difference is the order in which the ingredients are prepared this jambalaya recipe is the creole version an important element in this dish is the creole seasoning and we strongly recommend you make your own.