Serving single family and party serving option optional ingredient 1 rice grain 1 corriander 1 lime 1 any fish 0 simoleon flat fee for single dish recipes can still be cooked if the sim does not have the required ingredients custom ingrediets are optional cooking skill homestyle needed level 6 menu available from custom food menu on fridge stove hellip.

Grilled bbq salmon in foil instead of the melted butter and garlic brush 1 4 cup of bbq sauce try this homemade barbecue sauce on the salmon before grilling top with lemon slices as directed grilled salmon in foil with soy sauce for an asian spin on your grilled salmon in foil swap out the melted butter for 1 4 cup of soy sauce.

The tomatoes peppers and onion are grilled before being pureed and combined with lime juice and cilantro making for a delicious but different tasting salsa give chili tequila salmon steaks with grilled salsa a try for your next cookout.

Grilled blackened catfish with cilantro lime butter is a very simple dish that will straight up transport you from your kitchen to the caribbean i swear it rsquo s a mildly spicy and limey dish that rsquo s brought together with fresh cilantro butter and garlic.

Sprinkle the salmon with toasted white and black sesame seeds and a good shower of slivered green onions or torn fresh cilantro leaves for a pretty finish tip 3 look for wild salmon from alaska in the summer time farmed scottish salmon year round or steelhead trout which has the same red rich flesh like salmon.

Plan on about 6 ounces of salmon per person whether youre grilling individual fillets or a whole side of skin on salmon at once feel free to add spice rubs glazes and sauces as you like serve this salmon with grilled asparagus potatoes cilantro lime cauliflower rice or your favorite sides.

For grilled salmon choose fillets or steaks the fillets tend to be a bit thinner so they rsquo ll cook up more quickly than the steaks but both options work well on the grill whether you plan to eat the skin or not it rsquo s always best to opt for skin on salmon too.

Top with the cilantro yogurt sauce grilled cod sandwich add each grilled cod fillet to a bun and spread a layer of the yogurt sauce on the inside of the top bun add lettuce tomato or grilled onions as desired grilled cod cakes flake the grilled cod and use it in place of salmon in this salmon patty recipe what to serve with grilled.

Mexican street tacos ndash this is one of my favorite recipes they rsquo re unbelievably easy to make they rsquo re jam packed with authentic flavor and everyone always loves them here you get corn tortillas layered with charred and tender cilantro lime marinated grilled chicken thighs and they rsquo re finished with creamy avocados.

Baked salmon cakes these baked salmon cakes are so easy to make and such a great part appetizer for the holidays and also a great way to use up leftover salmon more similar recipes i love you may also like baked lump crab cake with red pepper chipotle lime sauce waffled crab cakes and baked corn and crab cakes.

Overcooked salmon is hard and dry and should be avoided at all costs in addition to the taste being compromised overcooked salmon will also have what looks like white ldquo goo rdquo oozing out of it this is a protein found in the salmon called albumin.

Grilled mahi mahi recipe is so easy to make and you only need a few simple ingredients get dinner on the table fast with hardly any cleanup toss a few side dishes on the grill like grilled vegetable foil pack recipe or foil pack grilled potatoes to make a hellip.

Cilantro lime sauce also called cilantro lime dressing or cilantro lime crema is a blended creamy sauce it uses cilantro lime juice and sour cream as the primary flavors this recipe is made with olive oil avocado green onion or scallions cilantro garlic lime juice salt and sour cream or greek yogurt.

Fresh n lean cilantro rice and beans with chipotle salmon fremont wild caught beer battered cod fillets world foods wild alaskan salmon burgers mrs pauls breaded fish for sandwiches waterfront bistro atlantic salmon fillet california fish grill tilapia.

Place the pork shoulder garlic onion peppers jalapeno pineapple juice and soy sauce in a slow cooker cover and cook for 4 5 hours on high or 7 8 hours on low.

Rice may not be the most exciting side dish there is cilantro lime rice however is a completely different story it rsquo s made with basmati long grain rice browned in olive oil flavored with cilantro and lime and fluffed to perfection this recipe can easily rival that of chipotle serve this with salmon for a stunning meal.