The best homemade low calorie salad dressing recipes on yummly low calorie creamy balsamic salad dressing low calorie balsamic and yogurt salad dressing low calorie asian salad dressing pea guacamole low calorie simply low cal limes jalapeno pomegranate seeds salt roma tomato frozen peas and 2 more.

Frito taco salad is quickly making a name for itself as a hearty tasty crunchy meal that rsquo s easy to make and super fun to eat our go to taco salad is paired with our fave corn chips for a delicious crunch top with fresh veggies sour cream and your choice of toppings like homemade salsa or the best guacamole instead of making a batch of loaded nachos load up hellip.

Dressing my homemade macaroni salad dressing is made with mayonnaise apple cider vinegar dijon mustard sugar salt and pepper i use just enough mayo to coat the pasta without making the salad overly mayonnaisey if you like a really creamy macaroni salad try making 1 1 2 times the dressing recipe how to make macaroni salad.

Salsa or guacamole how about both it rsquo s easy enough to turn your two favorites into one deluxe dip with this recipe ready in 20 minutes that rsquo s right this guacamole salsa recipe is there for you when you forgot the party is actually a potluck or when you get a call from an unexpected visitor.

The guacamole can be made up to 4 hours ahead spread the guacamole on serving plate or in low bowl cover with plastic wrap pressing wrap against dip to prevent browning refrigerate until ready to add toppings and serve.